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Witch (noun)

1. A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
2. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.

In Maplewood, during the American Settlement, witches were very abundant in this town, having their very own church dedicated to Paganism and Wicca. But when an illness takes out most of the towns children, the people turned to the witches. They burned down their church in false anger and supposedly killed most of them off. The Maplewood Learnitorium stands on the grounds of the once flourishing church.

Remaining living Witch Families: (anyone applying for witches, must make a character for one of these families)
:bulletblack: Blackwell - Largest family, somewhat a humble royalty amongst other Wicca families. Family consists of Four men, Seven women and Eight Children(four boys, four girls). Family traits include raven black hair and golden brown eyes.
:bulletblack: Collinsworth - One of the smaller families, One woman and her daughter. Red hair and gold eyes.
:bulletblack: Atwood - Family consists of mostly men, with one father, a mother and seven boys.(Two of the boys are twins.)

Porphyria (noun)

A rare hereditary disease in which the blood pigment hemoglobin is abnormally metabolized. Symptoms include poor skin defense against bright light, reddening of iris', Hallucinations, Paranoia, and Skin swelling.

During the American Settlement, unfortunate people who were diagnosed with Porphyria were sadly mistaken as the unholy creatures known as a vampire and often sought out and killed. A common way the olden doctors treated porphyria was feeding their patients blood of a cow. They believed the loss of blood could be solved by consuming blood. The one fatal flaw that the doctors hadn't expected was that their patients would grow a taste for it. And for those who luckily survived the trial of porphyria adapted to the animal like like they were bound to live. Their canines grew to a tip over time and this trait was passed onto their young and so on. Out of all of the changing adaptions, one thing that has not changed is their inability to go into the sunlight. The bright light cracks their skin in such a painful way that it's unbearable.
     The current day Porphyriacs steer clear of Maplewood for the most part because of the hundreds of hunters in training. But with the lack of Porphyriacs (this includes Lycanthropes), the seniors have nothing to hunt for their Grad Initiation. So, the faculty of the Learnitorium have taken it upon themselves to learn all they know about the diseases and modified them so you could turn humans into these "monsters". So whilst the boys of Maplewood Central are being hunted by the underclassmen, every now and then, a girl will be taken to test these diseases and if they don't die, they are hunted as the monsters they are.

Several Remaining Porphriac Families

Lycanthrope (noun)

A monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again.

During the American Settlement, Lycanthropy was a psychiatric state where someone believed that they were a wolf and acted as such. But what most didn't know is that there were several people who could actually turn into manwolf-like creatures. However, when a recent outbreak of wolf attacks occur, everyone turns to the lycanthrope sufferers. There is two kinds of lycanthropy. Psychiatric Lycanthropy and Clinical Lycanthropy and nobody suspected the Clinical Lycanthropes, when the Psychiatric Lycanthropes act more feral than the others.
    Maplewood Learnitorium does the same with Lycanthropy as they do with Porphyria. They collect saliva from each species and create a drug to be administered to their unwilling, unfortunate girls.

Several Remaining Lycanthrope Families
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Welcome to Maplewood

For centuries, the town of Maplewood has been known for its rich community of people, vibrant meadows and a colorful collection of maple trees. Maplewood is home to many talented children who attend the Learnitorium for the Gifted and Talented. But there is something about this school that not a lot of people know.

During the American Settlement, the Maplewood Learnitorium, once the Church of Pagans, was taken over to train villagers to hunt witches and other unholy creatures of the night. Another thing the people are unaware of is that the children who attend Mapplewood Learnitorium are currently trained with these practices. Their classes include:

:bulletred: Combat Training
:bulletred: Weaponry and Defense
:bulletred: Supernatural Theories and Understanding
:bulletred: Curing Lycanthropy and Other Diseases
:bulletred: Examination of Supernatural Literature
:bulletred: Blacksmithing and Handling Silver
:bulletred: Herbs (101, 1, 2, 3, AP)
:bulletred: Defense Against Bites and Spells

Every year for the Senior Graduation Initiation, the Dean and a specific number of faculty members take them on a large hunt to take out families of witches and such. But the underclassmen need practice as well. Live practice. So the public school, Maplewood Central School was created. With the new appeal of the public school, poorer folks began to move into the town, their children filling the target positions. Each year a "contest" is held to "accept successful students" into the Learnitorium, when in reality, they choose the most unsuccessful students, the ones with horrible home lives and no future, to take part in their man hunts to train the underclassmen. Nobody knows that that the school is still used for this kind of training and nobody knows the school is responsible for the deaths of several kids. This is the towns biggest secret.

Mass homicide.


:bulletred: Any donations for the group here: :bulletred: MapleWoodDonations

:bulletwhite: Human Applications: Closed
:bulletblack: Witch Applications: Closed
:bulletred: Porphyriac Applications: Closed
:bulletwhite: Lycanthrope Applications: Closed

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